Monday, 1 September 2014

When you represent yourself in a Criminal Trial

Crimes are pernicious tonics that leave people indifferent and cold for a lifetime. When you are one of those who are accused of certain crimes, you too have all the legal rights. One of those is to hire the best lawyer in town and you can go through the entire process – from random questioning through the end of the trial – only if you want one. In case you don’t want an attorney, you certainly have all the rights to represent yourself and your case.

Called as appearing "pro se" or "pro per," means you are representing yourself, which actually means you need to invest your time to understand criminal law in Singapore and then do whatever a lawyer is supposed to do to protect all your rights. So before you go any further with your decision, consider what it really means and how things actually work.  

Why People Actually Represent Themselves?

People choose to represent themselves for a variety of reasons and other logics that come in their ways. Few think that they would be more successful than someone else who isn’t aware of all the facts of their case. Others also represent themselves since they think they won't qualify for a non-cost, court-appointed attorney, but they just don’t want to hire one at their own expense.  And others just don’ trust lawyers for their case. Read more…

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