Tuesday 30 September 2014

Free Initial Consultation on All Criminal Cases

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 If you have been arrested, charged with a crime or being investigated for a criminal matter, contact the Singapore Criminal Lawyer team of Gloria James-Civetta & Co for a free one on one case consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. We have 19 years of experience in representing individuals in the Singapore Criminal Justice system. We have successfully defended individuals that have been charged with assault, outrage of modesty, theft crimes and all other violent crimes.

Our vast experience and knowledge in the courtroom has been manifesting for over 19 years. Whether it is a drug related offence, violent crime, sexual assault, domestic violence, cyber- crimes, or motor vehicle offenses, our experienced Singapore criminal lawyers are available to speak to you 24/7.

“We understand the impactthat facing a criminal charge has on individuals”

Our team of Singapore Criminal Lawyers is by your side to represent you from beginning to end. Even if the police are investigating you for a suspected crime, it makes sense to contact an experienced Singapore criminal lawyer. Our criminal defence team is headed by Amarjit Singh and Gloria James.

Mr Singh is a former prosecutor with the AGC. Throughout the years, he has handled all types of criminal matters from simple to serious crimes. Ms James and Mr Singh are co-authors in the Singapore criminal lawyer blog, one of the most informative criminal web blogs in Singapore today.

Ms James has been a criminal defence lawyer for over 19 years and serves as Vice Chairman of the Law Society of Singapore Criminal Practice Committee.

We offer a free consultation which will help you understand all of your options and what defences you may have. If you have been arrested, facing charges or being questioned over a criminal matter, contact us to speak to one of our experienced Singapore criminallawyers. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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