Tuesday, 19 August 2014

So you are looking for The Best Lawyer in Singapore?

Lawyer in Singapore
The best place to start looking for a Singapore Lawyer is via an internet search. This way, you will be assured of being presented with a lawyer list with specialisation in your chosen are of law. Whilst looking for the right lawyer for you, the internet can be a great source of information in indicating what you should be looking out for. For example, some Singapore law firms offer a free 30-minute legal consultation on divorce and criminal matters.

You are now ready to do a shortlist of prospective lawyers that you will want to consult. During your initial sit-down with the lawyer, the following points will guide you well to choosing the best lawyer for your needs.

Who will I be handling my case? You don’t want to find a lawyer you really like only to discover that their support team is inexperienced and unresponsive.

What is your expertise? All lawyers admitted to the bar in Singapore are technically qualified to practice law but are they accredited specialistsor had further studies?

How much exposure &experience do you have working in my area of need? You certainly don’t want a criminal lawyer to handle your divorce matter.

What are the payment terms? If you’re paying a retainer hourly rate, you’ll need some indication of the cost range.

Is the lawyer addressing my concerns? A good lawyer will listen be focused on your situation and needs. They should not be addressing your emotional needs.

Finally, go with your gut feeling and choose the lawyer that you like and trust. Do not underestimate the importance personal chemistry. 

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