Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Singapore Criminal Lawyer - Ms Gloria James-Civetta, Advocate & Solicitor in Singapore

Ms James has 19 years of Practicing Experience and serves as Vice Chairman of the Law Society of Singapore Criminal Practice Committee. With her extensive experience in court representation, clients can rest assured that they are getting quality representation.

Singapore Criminal Lawyer blog has comprehensive coverage of the procedures and a comprehensive list of common crimes committed in Singapore. SCL is your trusted source for criminal law information. We offer a free, no obligation consultation with our experienced criminal lawyers.

Our comprehensive listing of Criminal Law Blogs includes information on:

• Sexual offences, relating to sex with a minor

• Outrage on modesty via up skirt

• Guidelines for drink-driving in Singapore

• Expat crimes in Singapore

• Littering and jaywalking

• Your child and the law

• Court Jurisdiction and powers

• Arrest and court procedure

• Your rights

For further reference, please visit our website http://www.singaporecriminallawyer.com/

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