Thursday, 29 August 2013

Why Criminal Procedure Code Is Important

Have you ever wondered why your lawyer is explaining all that crime thingy to you? You are not he lawyer, why should you be bothered with all that. Well it is because your lawyer wants you to understand everything about the criminal procedure code in Singapore that will be followed in the court of law. It happens very often that due to the lack of knowledge the accused commit such mistake; it can overpower their entire case. The lawyer does not want that to happen with you.

What is the procedure followed in the court? What is the meaning of the different kinds of terms used while having the case heard in the court? Conditions related to a crime can cause difference in the verdict. Even if you have committed the crime and your intention was not wrong and the court can think of reducing your punishment. It can all happen only with the advice and guidance of the lawyer. Before every discussion in the court of law, you must plan a meeting with him.

In this meeting, try to share every query with the lawyer and understand thepoints of Singapore criminal procedurecode. Every small aspect of the case should be discussed in detail with the lawyer. It can also include the points and questions, that will asked from the witnesses to prove your case. Moreover, you should try to follow every little thing the lawyer tells, as it can be quite troubling if you both do not have proper communication channel. Discuss it and do the needful to win the case.  

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