Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Stay Informed In Criminal Procedure Code

While the criminal case is on in the court of law, the accused person has to follow a proper conduct. It is in order to avoid any further troubles for the accused, which can make the problem graver. The criminal procedure code in Singapore is the document, which contains several points regarding the court cases and the criminal procedure. It is the duty of the criminal lawyer to inform his client about the procedure code. These codes are actually terms and rules, which will occur in the court of law during the hearing. Often during this, time the accused or the applicant who are present in the court found them to be dumbstruck while hearing all the legal terms.

Here are some of the terms from the criminal procedure code, which you should know:

Arrestable case/offence: the offence for which the police can arrest you without the warrant as per the third column of the First Schedule or any other Singapore written law.

Bailable offence: the offence, which is declared bailable by the fifth column of first schedule/ written law in Singapore or where the court of law consider it bailable.

Criminal record: the record of the crime under the name of the accused as per the laws and codes mentioned in the Singapore law. You can ask your lawyer about these more like the sentence if it is proven and the conditions.

These are just some of the phrases used in the criminal procedure code in Singapore. You can ask your lawyer about more, before being present in the court of law.  For More Information Click Here

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